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On May 12th, 2018 Los Feliz will elect 5 District Representatives and 4 Community Interest Representatives.

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District A - Los Feliz Hills

District A – Click To Enlarge

Los Feliz District A is an almost entirely residential area, but it also contains most of Griffith Park.

There’s little doubt the hills are home to many of Los Feliz’s wealthiest residents – with magnificent homes, significant mansions, and some of the most stunning views in all of Los Angeles. Architecturally, you’re just down the street from Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Ennis House”  or around the bend from a John Lautner or a Paul Williams home. The hills (and the homes built on them) serve as a scenic backdrop that frames our neighborhood.

Los Feliz Boulevard is the baseline where the hills “start”, and the Boulevard is lined with trees: hundreds of cultivated Deodar Cedars that create one of the most recognizable drives in the city.

District A is also home to famous sites such as the Greek Theatre and the Griffith Observatory, Los Feliz District A is probably one of the most frequently visited places in LA.


District B - Los Feliz Square

District B – Click To Enlarge

With an exclusive gated community, Laughlin Park, in one corner and Thai Town North at another, Los Feliz District B is an eclectic mix of businesses and residences and cultures. It’s the northernmost point of Western Avenue, which, appropriately enough, serves as our western border, delineating Los Feliz from Hollywood.

District B is Los Feliz’s melting pot. With Armenian, Thai, and Korean enclaves (amongst others) within it, it’s also home to schools and churches and associations serving these very distinct communities, including a Buddhist temple. Diverse “mom & pop” shops dot Hollywood Boulevard, and many of the families that run them live nearby.

With a majority of the neighborhood’s buildings being built in the “roaring 20’s,” this area became an affordable option for newcomers to LA, with a large concentration of multi-unit buildings and garden apartment complexes.


District C - Los Feliz Village

District C – Click To Enlarge

District C is where a majority of Los Feliz’s commercial corridors intersect and is almost entirely the area the city designates “Los Feliz Village.” It’s a mixture of residences and businesses that give our neighborhood the bustling feel of a big city, without being too big.

It’s also home to several houses of worship (including a Sikh Temple or Gurdwara), performing stages, movie theatres, schools, and our public library.

Whether they’re just looking to stroll around and browse at eclectic shops or find that place they’ve heard so much about, Angelinos from all over the city and visitors from all over the world usually have an image of Los Feliz Village in their minds before they arrive.

Featuring some of LA’s best bookstores, coffee shops, and restaurants, as well as an iconic bar or two, Los Feliz District C is certainly the bustling center of our neighborhood.


District D - Los Feliz Knolls

District D – Click To Enlarge

District D is home to rolling foothills, with winding side streets bounded by major roadways like Los Feliz Boulevard, Hyperion Avenue, Riverside Drive and the 5 Freeway.

Franklin Avenue Elementary School, John Marshall High School, and St. Casimir Catholic Elementary School, plus a University (of Philosophical Research) all occupy the district.

Hyperion Avenue serves as a shared (with Silver Lake) commercial corridor that includes some great local businesses and even a Shepard Fairey mural.

“D” is definitely our wettest area, featuring the Rowena Reservoir, the Mulholland Fountain, and even a public swimming pool (as well as tennis courts and soccer fields).  

 Up on Waverly Drive, there’s a castle-like convent/retreat that has fascinated religious pilgrims and pop stars alike.  With a mixture of private homes and multi-unit dwellings, District D’s diverse architecture (other highlights include the famous “Snow White Cottages”) makes it one of the nicest places in town to simply go for a walk.


District E - Franklin Hills

District E – Click To Enlarge

The Los Feliz area designated Franklin Hills, along with a few more of the streets lying directly to the west of it, makes up our District E.

It’s home to Thomas Starr King Middle School, the quirky and magnificent Shakespeare Bridge, and to a public staircase system that provides vertical walkways connecting Franklin Hills’ narrow, winding streets.  Built in the 1920s, these 14 stairways gave pedestrians an express route to the now-defunct street trolleys below.

The Prospect Studios on Talmadge Street has gone by many names since it opened in 1915, but is most famously known as the ABC Television Center, where some of TV’s greatest hits like ‘Barney Miller’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘Let’s Make A Deal’, and the long-running soap opera ‘General Hospital’ were produced.

Brothers Walt and Roy Disney opened their first animation studio in District E and lived on Lyric and St. George Streets, “close to the office;” Mickey Mouse was “born” right here in Los Feliz.

Franklin Hills has varied (and eclectic) architectural styles, including some of the finest examples of mid-century modern homes in Los Angeles.  Famed architect John Lautner designed the school complex that now houses the Lycée International de Los Angeles (LILA) school, which is designated a Los Angeles historic-cultural landmark.




The Recreation Community Interest Area seeks to promote and foster recreational activities and create more public recreational facilities in Los Feliz and the Greater Griffith Park area.

In the past several years, the committee has worked with local schools, houses of worship, stakeholders and the Department of Recreation and Parks to improve our parks, athletic fields and open spaces.

The Committee has:

  • Acquired new scoreboards, benches and adjustable basketball backboards for youth athletics at the King Middle School Gymnasium.
  • Installed new spectator seating at the Griffith Park soccer fields.
  • Helped run a youth baseball clinic for Los Feliz kids.

Currently, the committee is focused on getting a youth baseball field in Griffith Park (in addition to the adult-size baseball field that currently exists there) and establishing neighborhood “pocket parks” for families and children.

Future challenges for the Recreation Committee include: creating new parks, parklets, playgrounds, sports fields and open spaces in Los Feliz;, preparing Los Feliz for the 2028 Summer Olympics,  and creating a public recreation center accessible to all of our neighbors.


Public Health and Safety

The Public Health and Safety Community Interest Area focuses on three main concerns: emergency preparedness, crime prevention, and identifying and avoiding potential health risks in the community. The Public Health and Safety Representative leads the LFNC in these areas and also chairs the Public Health and Safety Committee, which has:

  • offered free CPR training classes.
  • connected the community to the Los Angeles Police Department by hosting senior lead officers at their monthly meetings.
  • provided general guidelines for handling suspicious persons in the neighborhood.
  • hosted neighborhood cleanups to help curb wildlife interlopers.
  • started the Los Feliz Emergency Radio Network, a family radio service network designed for emergency use in the event that cellular capabilities in the area are overwhelmed or out of service.
  • educated residents on ways to stay healthy during cold and flu season.

Other efforts are being made to partner with the Los Angeles Fire Department to offer Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) classes. These CERT classes will further help residents prepare in case of wildfires, major earthquakes, or other emergency situations by offering instructions on how to safely turn off electricity and gas lines, apply first aid, and plan on emergency provisions for you, your family, and your pets.

Future initiatives include setting up community banks of emergency food and supplies.



The Business Community Interest Area is concerned with connecting the community’s residents with the community’s businesses. The focus is on creating a harmonious relationship in Los Feliz, while keeping an eye on the historical and aesthetic elements that provide the neighborhood’s foundation. The Business Representative chairs the Business Committee to advance efforts to those ends. The Business Committee:

  • is the liaison between the residents and the business community for questions and concerns.
  • helps maintain sidewalks, streetlights, public parking areas and signage.
  • serves as an advisory council on matters pertaining to businesses and operations that seek to provide services in the Los Feliz area.
  • advises the Governing Board on business-related motions.

Networks have also been created between the Los Feliz Business Committee and the neighboring Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, since the two agencies share some common areas of concern. In 2017, for example, the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council’s Business Committee worked with the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to help advance the Hollywood Neighborhood Plan, which hadn’t been updated since 1988. The plan calls for “protecting the existing scale and character” of neighborhoods, making the area more pedestrian-friendly, preserving historical buildings, developing green spaces, and facilitating public transportation.

Future challenges for the Business interest area may come from new cannabis businesses or mid- to high-rise multi-family dwelling developments seeking to move into the area.



The Education interest area focuses on local student support services, strategic planning efforts and connecting community stakeholders to government agencies and Boards of Education. To that end, the Education Committee works with our local private and public schools, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and the State of California to bring Los Feliz’s voice to the table on everything from Pre-K to the Cal State system. The Education Representative also chairs the Education Committee.

The committee works hard to make sure that every school in Los Feliz gets the resources they need and the attention they deserve.  Committee members also work closely with various parent and support groups — such as “Friends of King Middle School” — to supplement and enrich the educational experience of our students.

In the past, the Education Committee has:

  • Purchased and installed new bike racks at King middle school.
  • Provided funding for healthy snacks, art installations, and field trips.
  • Advised city, county, and state officials on education-related matters.
  • Provided funding for the implementation of the Garden Ranger Program at Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts and Los Feliz Elementary.

The committee has issued several community impact statements and resolutions, including ones supporting the lawsuit against the termination of DACA, free or reduced-fare transit passes through the Transit Pass Pilot Program and textbook access for concurrent enrollment students.

More recent initiatives have sought to alleviate the challenges of the more than 17,000 students in LAUSD who are experiencing homelessness. The committee is collaborating with the LFNC Homelessness Sub-Committee to focus on assisting students experiencing homelessness, displacement and food insecurity, and plans to build on these efforts in the future.

Other future challenges for the Education Committee include: helping 16- and 17-year-olds pre-register to vote, providing opportunities for school-age children to engage with their neighbors in Los Feliz, and continuing to advocate for excellent schools in the neighborhood.

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