The Business Community Interest Area is concerned with connecting the community’s residents with the community’s businesses. The focus is on creating a harmonious relationship in Los Feliz, while keeping an eye on the historical and aesthetic elements that provide the neighborhood’s foundation. The Business Represetative chairs the Business Committee to advance efforts to those ends. The Business Committee:

  • is the liaison between the residents and the business community for questions and concerns.
  • helps maintain sidewalks, streetlights, public parking areas and signage.
  • serves as an advisory council on matters pertaining to businesses and operations that seek to provide services in the Los Feliz area.
  • advises the Governing Board on business-related motions.

Networks have also been created between the Los Feliz Business Committee and the neighboring Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, since the two agencies share some common areas of concern. In 2017, for example, the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council’s Business Committee worked with the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to help advance the Hollywood Neighborhood Plan, which hadn’t been updated since 1988. The plan calls for “protecting the existing scale and character” of neighborhoods, making the area more pedestrian-friendly, preserving historical buildings, developing green spaces, and facilitating public transportation.

Future challenges for the Business interest area may come from new cannabis businesses or mid- to high-rise multi-family dwelling developments seeking to move into the area.

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