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Meet The Candidates


On May 12th, 2018, Los Feliz stakeholders will go to the polls to elect 9 new members of the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council Governing Board.

All Candidates Who Have Filed To Run Are Listed Here

✓ = The Candidate Has Been Certified

LIST UPDATED: 4/30/18 – 4:30 PM


District A

Dawn Wolf Socha ✓

Los Feliz has become very special to me in the decades that I have lived here. I hope to contribute to maintaining its unique, hometown atmosphere for future generations.

Megan Blanchette ✓

I have been a proud resident of the Los Feliz neighborhood since 2012. I live ON the Los Feliz Blvd., where oh so much action takes place. I hike Griffith Park daily and have come to learn and love ALL aspects of this neighborhood. I have seen the beautiful and the hopeful and would nothing more than to give back and help to make this neighborhood shine even brighter. I have the most empathy and the biggest heart and want to put that energy towards keeping Los Feliz the sanctuary that it is. This neighborhood is filled with loving, creative, and human type people. I’m so happy here and I want to make sure EVERYONE in this neighborhood feels the same. I have a huge space in my heart for the homeless and want to help them. I have a passion for local artists, businesses, and dreamers and want to see and help them sore. I love this neighborhood and would love to represent it!!!

Evanne Holloway ✓

My name is Evanne Holloway & I am running to be your District A Representative on the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council. I have found my place in Los Feliz. This is a neighborhood filled with warmth & quirky excess – I am the leader who can best represent those values on the Council. I BELIEVE… in community • in clean, safe streets • in bike lanes • people should not feed coyotes • Los Feliz Blvd needs better signage • Griffith Observatory is critical to the imagination of every child (& adult) in Los Angeles • the package theft & petty crime impacting our neighborhood is serious • in well-maintained sidewalks & roads • in equity • there is not a bad seat at the Greek Theatre • in the relentless beauty of Griffith Park • all people deserve a safe place to sleep & to be heard • architecture is art you cannot ignore, & Los Feliz is full of homes that prove this • in being curious, not judgmental. I believe we can all make a difference. Vote for me, Evanne Holloway, on May 12th!

District B

Mark Sticklin ✓

The Los Feliz economy is dependent on a vibe maintained by charm and cleanliness yet we have homeless encampments without proper toilet facilities in the midst of a So-Cal hepatitis outbreak!

If elected I hope to:

Keep City Councilman Ryu accountable to use Measure H monies to build housing for homeless in our district. Adjacent District 13 has already broken ground.  Our district is “analyzing.”

Install public restrooms for all our health and safety.

Work with City Council to require new high rise buildings to install traffic lights at the street entrances from their parking structures to ease rush hour flow to freeways.

Deny film permits on street cleaning days to crews who do not rent proper lot for crew trucks and trailers.

About me: 25 year LF renter and apt manager in District B, with background in entertainment, law (paralegal) and now a weekend catering manager. Strong with the LGBT. Married with a dog.

Full resume:

Paul Atkinson ✓

Hi! I am running to represent District B because the residents, homeowners, and business owners of Los Feliz deserve to have their voices heard as our lovely neighborhood grows along with the metropolis around it. District B is in a unique position as it borders the timeless Los Feliz Village, beautiful Griffith Park, and vibrant East Hollywood, thus creating a diverse set of opportunities and challenges for our community. I intend to work with the rest of the council and other local organizations to ensure that Los Feliz remains a wonderful neighborhood for years to come. Thank you!

Hanna Claesson-Assad ✓

I live in Los Feliz with my five children, my husband and dog, we visit the Observatory and play parks in Griffith Park often. As a fellow Los Feliz resident I want to ensure that it is – and stays – a safe, fun and clean place to live, work, visit and enjoy. I’m an entrepreneur, aiming to support and empower all women, and a yogi. I also volunteer at the homeless shelter The Center at Blessed Sacrament on Selma Ave, which strives to end homelessness in Hollywood. We provide recovery meetings from addictions as well bodywork like yoga and meditation techniques. As neighborhood council member I’d like to continue helping people experiencing homelessness off the streets, utilizing all tools accessible to the Council via Measure H. I’d also work to make sure that we get to keep all the beautiful nature in Los Feliz and Griffith Park free from toxicity and waste as much as possible. I love Los Feliz and strive to keep the neighborhood clean, green, and safe for all children and people.

Harold Franklin ✓


District C

Will Morris ✓ (withdrawn)

Here’s why I’m running. Because I love our neighborhood. For my son Whitman and me, this is our home, and there’s no other place we would want to live in LA. I want to ensure it stays great, and will work to try and make it even better. Better for those that live, work or run a business here. And better for those that come into Los Feliz knowing it’s a great place to socialize, enjoy a drink or a meal, watch a movie, shop, or do business. I am a Los Feliz resident, a father, and a CPA. I work in the entertainment industry. I’m honest, I care deeply about our neighborhood, and I want to work alongside the people of Los Feliz to help make it a better place in whatever ways we can.

Drew Smyth ✓

If given the chance I think I will be a valuable member to the neighborhood council. Working and living in Los Feliz I have a big drive to keep what we love about our neighborhood while moving it forward to fit our growing population. I’ve been working in digital marketing for 8 years and have run my own small business for over 2 years in Los Feliz so I am a self starter that knows how to reach an audience. I pride myself as being a team player that isn’t afraid to speak his mind and work towards a common interest. I know there will be differences in minds in the committee and I look forward to working with them. Taking things personally when others don’t agree with me is something I will never do.

Katrina Bergstrom (Withdrawn)

Hello neighbors! I’m Katrina Bergstrom and I would be honored to represent you as District C Neighborhood Council Representative. Los Feliz is a unique and colorful neighborhood that I’ve enjoyed being a resident of for 7 years now. I love all the local businesses and the friendly environment that makes it such a welcoming community. During the day I work as a business and legal affairs attorney in television. Additionally, I volunteer as an activist and organizer for progressive issues I care deeply about such as the environment, healthcare and racial equality. I would love the opportunity to serve my community of Los Feliz as your representative and I could bring my experience as an attorney and organizer to the role to help with many of the issues we would all like to see progress on in our neighborhood such as traffic, crime, housing and homelessness.

Cory Baney ✓


Bryan Cassadore ✓

First of all, I love the Los Feliz community. If elected, I will use my experience and knowledge in Crime Prevention, Public Safety, Homelessness, Housing, and Veteran Organizations to benefit our community. I look forward to representing District C on the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council. Vote Bryan Cassadore

Brett Guennel ✓

Hi, I’m Brett Guennel. I’m a writer, director, and improv teacher. I’ve lived in Los Angeles for nearly 10 years and my small family and I have called Los Feliz home the entire time. During this span I have seen our neighborhood change and I think it’s time we catch up to it a bit more. Hollywood has pushed increasing amounts of homeless people right onto our doorstep. Traffic is getting unbearable causing an upswing of cars speeding through our residential streets. Rents are spiking so high it’s hard for working families to stay in this area. Mom and Pop shops are closing. Even a Froyo had to close for crying out loud. I’d like to see if I can help by representing district C.

Richard Gunderman ✓

As a resident of Los Feliz, I will work to make a clean, safe and vibrant neighborhood for everyone.

District D

John Miguel McCauley ✓

My wife and I have lived in Los Feliz for three years, and we love its character and people. If elected as your representative, I will work to make our neighborhood more hospitable to pedestrians and cyclists, by pushing for more accessible sidewalks, bike lanes, crosswalks, and speed bumps. A more walkable neighborhood will both improve quality of life for its residents and encourage attendance at local businesses and events. I will also work with the city council and my fellow representatives to install more public facilities, such as water fountains, public bathrooms, and benches. Los Feliz is beautiful and I hope to make its splendor more available to all. I am excited to foster an even stronger sense of community with neighborhood events like food drives. I feel proud to live in such a vibrant, thriving community and will strive to uphold Los Feliz’s reputation. Thank you very much for your consideration.

Brian A Morrison ✓

I am a seven year resident of Los Feliz Knolls. As an active member of the LFNC Cultural Affairs Committee I have helped organize events to build in-person community and enrich the already vibrant cultural lives of our amazing neighbors. As our city continues to grow and change, I want to help make sure Los Feliz remains the greatest neighborhood in Los Angeles. I would love the opportunity to serve our community on the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council Governing Board, and would appreciate your vote on May 12th.

Soy un residente de siete años de Los Feliz Knolls. Como miembro activo del Comité de Asuntos Culturales de LFNC, he ayudado a organizar eventos para construir una comunidad en-persona y enriquecer la vibrante vida cultural de nuestros maravillosos vecinos. A medida que nuestra ciudad continúa creciendo y cambiando, quiero ayudar asegurar de que Los Feliz siga siendo el mejor vecindario de Los Ángeles. Me encantaría la oportunidad de servir a nuestra comunidad en la Junta de Gobierno del Consejo Vecinal Los Feliz, y agradecería su voto el 12 de mayo.

Robert Nichols ✓

I’ve lived in District D since 2010. I love our neighborhood. I try every day to to do something to foster community, friendship, cooperation, and beauty in the place we share. I have no utopian masterplan impose on Los Feliz—I love what we have, and what works. More than anything, I look forward to working with the council to take what we have and make it even more of the place we want it to be.

Nick Schultz ✓

I’m running to represent District D because I cherish the beauty and diversity of Los Feliz. My wife and I moved to the neighborhood when I started working as a Deputy Attorney General for the State of California. We immediately fell in love with the neighborhood. District D is uniquely diverse in that it is comprised of both private homes and multi-unit dwellings. It has a vibrant commercial corridor, natural splendors, and excellent public schools. If elected, I will prioritize public education by fighting for additional funding and organizing school supply collection drives. I will also safeguard our natural resources by leading clean-ups and funding beautification projects. Lastly, I will collaborate with my fellow LFNC members and the City of Los Angeles to find solutions to our long-standing problems of homelessness, traffic, and ever-increasing rental rates. I’d be honored to represent you and I humbly ask for your vote. To learn more visit

Angie Hill ✓


District E

Chelsea Mottern ✓

I’ve been a resident of Los Feliz for the past three years and have come to call it my home. I’m running for the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council because I want to help make Los Feliz a place where everyone can live, work, thrive and build community. I moved to Los Angeles five years ago to pursue my Master’s in Public Policy at the University of Southern California, and I’ve used that education to improve the lives of Angelenos through my roles at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, and now at Equality California. I am energized by the idea of continuing my lifelong commitment to public service by joining the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council and representing the interests of my neighbors and advocating for what is best for our neighborhood. If you’d like to chat, you can probably find me sipping iced coffee at Cafe Los Feliz!

Nedjelko Spaich ✓

I promise to represent the neighborhood’s collective voice during council meetings. I will be there so you won’t have to be. I support initiatives for thriving businesses on Hillhurst, Vermont, Sunset, and Hollywood. I believe our residential streets should be safer for pedestrians, students, and bicyclists, and slower for visiting commuters. I think something must be done about Hollywood and Sunset’s punishingly slow intersection. I support public facilities and rehabilitative programs for our homeless brothers and sisters, in Los Feliz and citywide. Our neighborhood, as all Los Angeles neighborhoods, must offer affordable housing. We can protect the integrity of our neighborhood and our many prized homes while continuing to expand development. My name is Nedjelko Spaich. I have lived in Los Angeles since 2004. I work and live in Los Feliz. If elected as your district’s representative, I will act on your behalf to uphold and improve you and our neighbors’ quality of life.

Prometo representar la voz colectiva del vecindario durante las reuniones del consejo. Estaré allí para que no tenga que estarlo. Apoyo iniciativas para empresas prósperas en Hillhurst, Vermont, Sunset y Hollywood. Creo que nuestras calles residenciales deberían ser más seguras para los peatones, los estudiantes y los ciclistas, y más lentas para los viajeros que visitan. Apoyo instalaciones públicas y programas de rehabilitación para nuestros hermanos y hermanas sin hogar, en Los Feliz y en toda la ciudad. Nuestro vecindario, como todos los vecindarios de Los Ángeles, debe ofrecer viviendas asequibles. Podemos proteger la integridad de nuestro vecindario y nuestros muchos hogares preciados mientras continuamos expandiendo el desarrollo. Mi nombre es Nedjelko Spaich. He vivido en Los Ángeles desde 2004. Trabajo y vivo en Los Feliz. Si soy elegido como representante de su distrito, actuaré en su nombre para mantener y mejorar su calidad de vida y la de nuestros vecinos.

Josh Steichmann ✓

I have served on the Planning, Land Use and Management Committee and the Transportation Committee for the last year, working to ensure that Los Feliz is accessible, affordable and sustainable. I would like the opportunity to serve on the governing board. I believe that Los Feliz will continue to grow throughout the next four years, and one of the primary challenges of the Neighborhood Council is how to make sure that growth works for the Los Feliz neighborhood, not against it. That means ensuring housing is affordable for a diverse community, that means encouraging walkability, that means encouraging the vibrant arts and culture of Los Feliz, that means working to make sure that the concerns of Los Feliz are heard by our city council. By even reading candidate statements for a neighborhood council race, it’s clear you want to make Los Feliz the best it can be. Thank you for getting involved, and I would appreciate your vote.

Giuseppe Asaro ✓

I am currently running for DISTRICT E representative on the LFNC.
My agenda focuses on 3 aspects of our neighborhood, all equally important to further improve our community.
As a daily hiker in Griffith Park, I would like to hear your ideas on how make the park the ultimate destination for physical activities, while conserving the natural habitat from pollution.
A lot can be done to preserve the beauty of the Park; such as creating safe cycling lanes, adding clean filtered water in the fountains and designing solar powered recycled benches.
As a Los Feliz resident for the past 28 years, I would like to improve the safety of our neighborhood by continuing to build an informed community to address concerns and to celebrate improvements.
As a Filmmaker, I would like to share my resources to stimulate creativity through a sustainable approach to art and entertainment.
My pledge will be to keep this community vibrant, healthy, creative and safe.
Thank you for your consideration.

Nicholas Gagliarducci ✓

No more crime, traffic, homeless!


Erica Vilardi-Espinosa ✓

I am a resident and home owner in Los Feliz for over 13 years.  Both of my children go to the Franklin ave public school and I lead a girl scout troop of 47 girls.  My husband of 11 years and I are big advocates of public education and the power of local involvement.  I would like to extend my talent and energy to the Los Feliz neighborhood council in an effort to continue the great work it has done in making this a great place to live and an example for further improvements in more LA neighborhoods.
Being on the board at Friends of Franklin and participating in many local improvement projects, I understand the work required.  While so much progress has been made in the area of education, the work is never done.  So many schools in this neighborhood have great ideas and the LFNC has the means to help them.  I would like assist all schools in Los Feliz by hearing their ideas and finding ways to make them happen. I truly believe in the power of the people.


Celine Vacher ✓

“Hello Los Feliz voters! My name is Céline Vacher, and over the last 18 years I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with this community in a variety of capacities as both a resident and a small business owner. At the age of 11, I moved to Los Feliz from France and attended LILA (Lycée International de Los Angeles) before transferring to John Marshall High, where I graduated a proud Barrister class of ’06. My very first job out of high school was at Nature Mart’s bulk bin (now Lassen’s) where I truly came to appreciate how colorful and unique this neighborhood is. I then worked at La La Ling, a children’s boutique on Vermont Ave, for five years before taking over ownership in 2012. In my years as a business owner in this vibrant community, not only have I had the opportunity to connect with neighboring businesses, but I’ve had the privilege of engaging with the diverse local families who frequent my store, and their wonderful children who make up the future of Los Feliz!
If elected to the LFNC, I’d like to open the lines of communication between residents and businesses to increase the impact of events organized by the BID and in turn strengthen the sense of community and improve the local economy.
I look forward to getting to know my fellow business owners across all districts and helping our neighborhood thrive.”

David Goodman ✓

I have lived and worked in Los Feliz for over 24 years. As the owner of Box Brothers on Hillhurst Ave. I have seen the neighborhood change for the good and not so good. At some point in time I get to meet almost everyone in the neighborhood and get a good idea of issues and concerns. One of the big concerns is the homeless problem crime and congestion. I would vigorously advocate for a safe sane solution between the city the neighborhood businesses and residents. I also believe that the city could be doing so much more to support the neighborhood whether it be repairs to our infrastructure or in crime prevention. I would strongly support our neighborhood in all interactions with the city.I am usually in my shop almost everyday and come in contact with hundreds of local residents. This gives me a ready made platform which allows me to hear what’s going on in the neighborhood and to communicate directly with stakeholders. I’m also real good at mobilizing people on important issues

Adam Gutkin ✓

Adam Gutkin is an experienced business and technology professional with master’s degrees in accounting and business taxation from the University of Southern California, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Wesleyan University. After spending the last five years up north working at the center of Silicon Valley start-up culture, Adam recently moved back to his hometown of Los Angeles to advocate for entrepreneurship in Southern California. Adam is eager to apply his extensive knowledge of business, taxation, law, and technology, to promote the economic vitality and future of Los Feliz. Adam is currently a resident of Los Feliz as well as an active member of the growing Chabad of Los Feliz community. When not working as a business operations consultant, Adam enjoys spending his free time hiking through the many beloved trails of Griffith Park.

Adam Gutkin es un profesional experimentado en negocios y tecnología con maestrías en impuestos contables y comerciales de la Universidad del Sur de California, y una licenciatura en psicología de la Universidad Wesleyan. Después de pasar los últimos cinco años en el norte trabajando en el centro de la cultura de start-ups de Silicon Valley, Adam recientemente regresó a su ciudad natal de Los Ángeles para abogar por el espíritu empresarial en el sur de California. Adam está ansioso por aplicar su amplio conocimiento de negocios, impuestos, leyes y tecnología, para promover la vitalidad económica y el futuro de Los Feliz. Adam es actualmente un residente de Los Feliz, así como un miembro activo de la creciente comunidad de Chabad of Los Feliz. Cuando no trabaja como consultor de operaciones comerciales, Adam disfruta de pasar su tiempo libre haciendo senderismo por los senderos más queridos del Parque Griffith.

Public Health and Safety

Michael Hain ✓

I have been a resident of Los Feliz since 1987. I have two children who started at Ivanhoe and graduated from Marshall. I currently am on the  Los Feliz Neighborhood Council as the Public Health and Safety Representative. I helped in the following: emergency preparedness,  helping residents with ways to help avoid the possibility of being a victim of a crime. I have the Senior Lead officer attend the monthly meetings. I have taught over 150 people on how to prepare in an emergency by offered free CPR First Aid classes. I have organized neighborhood cleanups. I started the Los Feliz Emergency Radio Network, a family radio service network designed for emergency use in the event that cellular capabilities overwhelmed or out of service. I promote the Los Angeles Fire Department to offer Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) classes. These classes will help residents prepare in case of an emergency.  Future initiatives include setting up community banks of emergency food and supplies.


Justin Lane ✓

Having lived in Los Feliz for well over a decade, I appreciate the role that our recreational spaces and facilities play in building a strong sense of community. We sometimes forget that recreation means more than sports, though, and I believe we need to address those activities as well. Also, I fear that we as a community tend to overlook our seniors and their needs. I want to hear what they have to say and make sure those needs are served. As for the issues the community has faced over the past several years, I believe we can create a Little League Baseball/Softball facility using existing infrastructure in Griffith Park. In doing so we can prevent unnecessary damage to our green space while updating and preserving one of Los Angeles’ landmark destinations. I believe that there are numerous public spaces we can make a positive impact on, and in doing so strengthen that sense of community, of neighborhood, that makes Los Feliz so special. Thank you.

Mark F. Mauceri ✓

Since being elected, I’ve helped expand Los Feliz recreation options.  There were no viable youth soccer fields “available” to us,  now there are six (T.S. King, Griffith Park Riverside and Ferraro Fields).  We’ve renovated a gymnasium for basketball; installed filtered drinking water stations; put in picnic tables; funded spectator seating, created baseball clinics, and replaced old equipment while advocating for the neighborhood.

On deck:

  1. Build a Recreation/Community Center like in other neighborhoods.
  2. Create pocket parks and playgrounds outside of Griffith Park.
  3. Rebuild the kids’ baseball fields we lost in Griffith Park.
  4. Utilize LAUSD facilities; elementary school outdoor basketball courts and a field/running track at Marshall High.
  5. Create summer sports programs for adults (e.g., coed volleyball).

These are big projects and we’ll be told all the reasons they can’t (or shouldn’t!) happen, but we’ll persevere. In this city, “No” just means, “Try harder.”

Meggan Ellingboe ✓

I moved to Los Angeles a couple years and chose Los Feliz due its proximity to Griffith Park and its walkability. We are fortunate to have a beautiful green space that welcomes the world and provides respite to residents from the hustle and bustle of LA life or traffic. I believe access to recreation is important to building and maintaining community for all residents. Ensuring access and safety of such spaces and looking for innovative uses of outdoor space will continue to make Los Feliz a great neighborhood.

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