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On April 6th, 2019, Los Feliz stakeholders will go to the polls to elect 10 new members of the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council Governing Board.

Stakeholders are defined as everyone who lives, works or owns real property within LFNC boundaries and also those who declare a stake in the neighborhood as a Community Interest Stakeholder, defined as a person who affirms a substantial and ongoing participation within LFNC boundaries and who may be in a Community organization such as, but not limited to, educational, recreational, business, public safety, nonprofit and/or religious organizations. A Community Organization is defined as a named entity, which has a physical street address within the LFNC boundaries from which it performs verifiable ongoing activities and operations while maintaining any required bona fide documentation to validate its legitimacy.




District A


I have grown up and lived in Los Feliz my entire life. I had attended Los Feliz Elementary and OMGC, and have enjoyed all the unique aspects of this neighborhood which I call home. LFNC must take on a larger role in influencing City wide affairs which affect all neighborhoods. Although there were good intentions in the formation of the current NC system, I also see the current structure as a way of throwing a bone to the city electorate in order to keep us satisfied and away from influencing city decisions or elections. In an advertisement made by the Dept. of Neighborhood Empowerment, it specifically stated “[Neighborhood Councils] are a proven way for average citizens to FEEL they are a part of government and the decision making process.” This, with bestowing a minuscule budget and only an advisory role to these councils, might be specifically designed to keep us in a box; while unelected employees in city departments have the power to do as they see fit. I will seek to change this.


I am a proud resident of Los Feliz and would like to be of service to this amazing neighborhood. I have a long and successful business resume of owning both large( and small(Phys Ed Studio) businesses, as well as over 10 years in corporate leadership roles(Bloomingdale’s, May Co). I have been married 10 years to my beautiful wife Polly and we have a wonderful daughter Marlowe who is 8. My interests include Jiu Jitsu, yoga, ultra marathon running and traveling. I promise to be a fair and reasonable representative for Los Feliz and believe that my skills and experience as a business leader will be of great benefit in helping to problem solve and get things done. Thank you.


I am proud to have been born and raised in Los Feliz, where three generations of my family have lived for over 40 years. In recent years, I have had the pleasure of serving on the neighborhood council as District B Representative and Chair of the Ad Hoc Committee on Homelessness, and to this day, I remain an active participant in several LFNC committees, such as Education, Public Health & Safety, Cultural Affairs, and Transportation. My proudest moments as a former board member were co-organizing several drives to benefit our local schools and co-founding SELAH Neighborhood Homeless Coalition, a collaborative effort between area neighborhood councils that has since become a non-profit organization. I would be honored to have the opportunity to serve on the board again and work with our community to ensure that Los Feliz is a safe, inclusive, and prosperous place for all.


I am running in District A of the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council to bring my experience as a union organizer to this council. For the past 13 years I have worked as an organizer at UNITE HERE Local 11, the union that represents over 30,000 workers in hotels, stadiums, and cafeterias in Los Angeles. As a former hotel worker who helped bring the union into my workplace, I understand very well that a disciplined, committed and determined group of people can effect change when they are unified around a realistic plan to achieve their goals. As a candidate for District A, I intend to bring my skills as an organizer to advocate for renters rights; make sure Griffith Park and our other green spaces are cared and protected; and that Los Feliz takes leadership on other city wide issues like homelessness and the housing crisis. I am an avid reader, and a second generation Mexican American, who loves hiking at Griffith Park with my wonderful dog, Detroit.

District B


Hello my name is Dorian Parisi, my wife and I have lived in Los Feliz for 5 great years now it has been amazing becoming part of the community I Have been a working artist in the television industry as well as the tech industry for almost 2 decades. I am active in my Unions politics and would like to use my skills to help my community. The first thing I would like to fight for is reducing the street cleaning to one day a week. The city is stealing money out of our pockets with this illegal and immoral practice, they do not do nearly that much street cleaning and we can’t just let the city steal from us. I would also very much like to use my Illustration and design skills as well as my skills as union organizer, has a starting point to help bring to light the problems facing our community. I am a fastidious person that will attend every council meeting and listen to every persons concerns, If you place your trust in me I will be a community leader that tries his best everyday.




I’ve lived in Los Feliz – the best neighborhood in Los Angeles – for 12 years, and have been honored to serve on the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council for the last 3. In that time, I have worked to improve pedestrian safety, to bring affordable housing to Los Feliz, and to make the Neighborhood Council an open, effective forum for everyone in our community. I’m proud to have led the redesign of the intersections of Mariposa and Alexandria Ave, the efforts to bring a new crosswalk to Hollywood at Rodney, and, as council president, have helped transform the LFNC into one of the most respected neighborhood councils in the city. I have genuinely enjoyed working for you these last three years, and I would be honored to continue to do so. Check out!


Los Feliz is the best neighborhood in Los Angeles. It has cafes, restaurants, two beautiful parks, a library and a wonderful diverse group of people in it. I love that I can walk the streets of Los Feliz everyday. It is during this time that I have come to see change occurring all around. Some are for good, while others I don’t believe serve the best interest of the neighborhood. I’d want to see my favorite town grow while maintaining it’s charming family-owned businesses. My main concern, however, is keeping Los Feliz a safe place for all of it’s residents and visitors. This is an opportunity for me to give back to the few wonderful blocks of Los Angeles that have given me so much.


I have lived in Los Feliz for the past 13 years and I can call this area home. I am an award-winning director, producer and cinematographer with a MFA in film directing at the American Film Institute (AFI) and a master in directing at “Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia” in Rome, Italy. I run my own production company and I hold a law degree with a master in international law. My background in law and my vast experience with producing content has been always a great resource for me to run my teams and my office. Given my Italian heritage I have also been recently nominated by the Italian Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs as the representative for Italians living in the entire city of Los Angeles and all its surrounding areas. I love my neighborhood and I believe I am the ideal candidate considering my background, my knowledge and my political experience. I make myself always available, I am a problem solver and I care for my neighborhood. Thank you for your support.


I am a stakeholder of district B because I frequently visit all aspects of Griffith Park, including the Observatory, the Old Zoo, hiked through Fern Dell Dr, and also, biked on many occasions along the bike path near the 5 freeway. I am interested in joining the board because I have a clear philosophy of government—Objectivism—that I would like to see implemented in our government. The reason we have a government is to protect individuals from criminals and to provide a judicial system to handle disputes between individuals. Government has grown far too complex for most individuals to even know what it is doing. “The more the state “plans” the more difficult planning becomes for the individual.” — FA Hayek. As a board member, I am the ONLY person who has a philosophy that will lower rental/housing costs, reduces crime, and creates more happiness in our district.


Since I moved to Los Angeles three years ago, I’ve closely followed the initiatives, actions, and policies of the local Neighborhood Councils. From participating in the Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count to volunteering around the area, I’ve seen firsthand what it means to make a difference in the community around me. As a Los Feliz Neighborhood Council member, I will strive to maintain an inclusive and welcoming neighborhood for all. I will ensure that community needs are met even after I leave my seat by advocating for adequate representation to keep our diverse community engaged. I will strive to make it easier for people to participate in the political process by advocating for basic needs: affordable housing, transportation/accessibility, and safety in our community. I will make sure that our meetings are rooted in values of respect and compassion, which I believe are critical to having thoughtful and productive discussions. Vote for the new kid in town!




I was born and raised in Los Feliz and love this community. After serving the council for two years, first as the Social Media Manager and then appointed as the District B representative, I have significantly grown our social media presence in the community. For the past year and a half, I’ve organized all of the drives for the Neighborhood Council including the school supply, hygiene kit, and menstrual hygiene products for our students at our local schools and neighbors in need. Bringing the people of Los Feliz together for a worthy cause is what makes being on Neighborhood Council so wonderful! I’ve experienced first hand the warm hearts and generosity of our neighbors and that’s what makes Los Feliz the best area in Los Angeles! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to bring Los Feliz together and I look forward to working with all of you in the future.


I have lived and worked in the Los Feliz area since 2011. I have worked at several small businesses entities in Silver Lake, Los Feliz and Atwater Village since 2008. I grew up in the San Gabriel Valley and in Boyle Heights and am a proud product of the LAUSD school system. I currently work at an affordable housing nonprofit where I interface with field staff of our city council, partner organizations, funders, and most importantly the constituents we serve. I have learned a great deal at my current job that in order to surmount the challenges a community faces, the community must participate in addressing those challenges together with their community leaders. I believe in accountable development, affordable housing for all, small business development, severe public transportation improvements, and a cleaner and safer neighborhood that is walkable. I want to connect with my neighbors and give back to my community in whatever way possible.


I’m Faye, an artist and activist and staunch Virgo. In 2015, I founded the non-profit community space, Junior High. For the past four years, our physical space and quarterly publication have been dedicated to showcasing the artistic pursuits of marginalized voices. We believe that representation, civic engagement, and exposure to overlooked narratives fosters strong & empowered communities and individuals. We believe that radical acceptance will change the world. As a Neighborhood Council representative I hope to expand the reach of Junior High to all of Los Feliz, and the greater Los Angeles area as a whole. As a long-time civil-servant and advocate for womxn, POC, queer people, and the 99%, I hope to increase the levels of communication between Council officials and our residents. I intend to make clearer the chain of command in terms of responding to neighborhood concerns. I stand for increased communication and increased accountability. @fayeorlove | @juniorhighla





District C


As a long time resident of Los Feliz, it would be my duty and honor to serve every need of the citizens who call it home. I would be happy to listen to and meet the needs of each resident, whether it is related to education, economy, or neighborhood safety. The major issues facing us are related to housing and rent control, and as an elected official, I would make it my priority to make these things better. I am here to serve you!


We need to come together as a community and start pointing out the hard truths on our neighborhoods struggles. We need to identify our problem and come to common sense solutions that will work. We need to stop having meetings to have a meeting to discuss having more meetings. We know what it takes to clean up the neighborhood. We don’t need to sit around for half of the year until we actually pick up a broom and start sweeping up the mess. We are a great town and one that I love to call my home. We are One Los Feliz!!! Please join me and let me support your ideas and solutions and create real action plans on how to achieve our goals!!!







I am no longer running for Neighborhood Council, please vote for someone else. I have lived in Los Feliz Village going on 20 years. I love my neighborhood, and I, like many others am deeply concerned about what is happening to the character and soul of our neighborhood. I will fight for this neighborhoods character and charm, and seek solutions that fit our eccentric and creative village. I am against the destruction of our buildings of character that are the soul of our village. The last thing I want for Los Feliz is a bunch of cookie cutter cracker box buildings that have no place in a neighborhood that has it’s own architectural style and history. I think as a community we can solve issues creatively, like for example our sidewalks in Los Feliz village which are a hot mess. I also am committed to The working class people who are in need of protection from the greedy developers who have no real stake in, or care about our community.


I’ve been a business owner and homeowner in Los Feliz for the past 6 years. Since moving here from NYC I’ve become an advisor to the Downtown Women’s Center, and established the retail marketing and design studio, Scaling Retail, that works closely with innovative retail companies. In 2017 I was honored to receive an award from industry leader WWD as one of the top women leaders in business, and just this past year Scaling Retail was selected as one of the top 100 small businesses in the country. I am passionate about small business, community and advocating for the homeless and disenfranchised. If given the opportunity to represent District C, I commit to compassion and integrity to creatively solve problems big and small as our community evolves and flourishes. You can find me in the neighborhood taking a class at Wundabar, eating at Il Capriccio, or walking my rescue, Viva. Here’s to a great future for our neighborhood!

Josh Nuni

I am a native Angeleno, a civil rights lawyer, and a proud resident of Los Feliz. I’m running to represent District C because I love our neighborhood and want to make it safer, more environmentally-friendly, and more proactive in meeting the challenges of the city’s housing crisis. If elected, I will fight for: (1) traffic calming, crosswalks on Hillhurst/Vermont, and speed bumps on residential streets; (2) solar panels on the Los Feliz Public Library and waste-reduction programs; and (3) community-led, affordable development that preserves the character and economic diversity of our neighborhood. I will also meet regularly with the stakeholders in my district to make sure the Council is responding to their needs and concerns. I feel lucky to live in Los Feliz. Its locally-owned businesses, walkability, and parks already make it the best neighborhood in the City. I would be honored to represent you—and work with you—to make it even better. For more info, head to:


WITHDRAWN NO LONGER RUNNING PLS VOTE FOR SOMEONE ELSE For 17 years, I’ve been a proud Los Feliz District C resident and business owner. As an active citizen with a history of involvement in local projects, I’ve witnessed our special neighborhood evolve. I believe Neighborhood Councils are a crucial entry point of involvement, awareness and empowerment, and their vitality is key to the ongoing fight against corruption and the future of our democracy in L.A. As en elected LFNC Board Member and District Representative, I’ll bring a nuanced understanding of our diverse neighborhood, advocate for our community at all income levels, consider residents equally to businesses and developments, and ensure that my constituents’ voices are heard. I stand for a sustainable neighborhood vision that will reverberate across our city and future generations, contributing to a safer, friendlier and kinder world. I ask that you vote for me on April 6th, so I can in turn vote for you!


I have been a resident of Los Angeles for the past 16 years and have lived in Los Feliz for the past six. I love our neighborhood, with its restaurants, eclectic businesses and Griffith Park around the corner. I am a writer/performer and am active in the indie comedy community in town. My particular issues of concern are renters’ rights, advocating for the homeless, accessibility to public transportation and public education. Regardless of whether or not I am elected, I’m excited to support neighborhood council activities moving forward!

District D


My goal is to bring energy and proposals to the council. My inspiration is simply the voice of the community and the idea that Los Angeles can remain the best city in the world and Los Feliz the best neighborhood in the city. I am compelled to volunteer my service as much in gratitude as in tribute to this beautiful and thriving community. My mantra is to learn and help. In my 32 years here in Los Angeles, 18 have been spent living, shopping and organizing in Los Feliz District D. My degree from UCLA and 20+ years’ experience as an event producer and marketing specialist have developed in me a knack for problem solving and motivation. My professional career has included creating the Griffith Park Beer Garden at the former Roosevelt Café on Vermont and strategizing and implementing marketing plans for venues such as the Greek Theatre and the University of Philosophical Research on Los Feliz Blvd. My efforts have been chronicled in the Los Angeles Business Journal and LA Weekly.


Former VP Franklin Hills Residents Association. Will fight for fairness and justice for all..there needs to be more integrity in all levels of government including our city! get rid of corporate money in politics and self interested politicians..I formerly supported Garcetti but now he is beholding to unions supporting DROP at taxpayer expense. It’s very hard to find true integrity in our representatives..but I promise I WILL BE ONE or I will resign. I have a Ph.D. in psychology from UCLA; have many years of experience in management and organizational consulting which I believe can be helpful to the council. ..




For nearly 20 years, I’ve lived, worked and raised a child in District D. I love that our neighborhood has the feel of a small town, but has all the benefits and diversity of Los Angeles, and unlike most of LA, we can stroll to our merchants, parks and libraries. I manage a team at a nonprofit that serves LA foster youth and am familiar with a wide range of resources in LA City and County. I am CERT trained and a tested problem-solver. I have served on local education boards and founded the annual Ivanhoedown. I have coordinated many events and was a Precinct Captain for the Obama campaign. There are many issues facing our neighborhood: housing, traffic, maintaining our uniqueness, and most importantly, the need to increase civility and community in order to find real solutions. I believe problems can be solved when we listen to each other and remember we are neighbors. If elected, I will work tirelessly to improve the lives of all who work, live, play, and learn in District D.


I am passionate about community involvement. I currently sit on several committees and have found the LFNC to be filled with like-minded individuals with whom I look forward to improving our already wonderful neighborhood. As your District D representative I pledge to be a readily available ear and an enthusiastic voice for my neighbors and Los Feliz as a whole.




For the past 3 years I’ve represented Los Feliz District D, and last June I was chosen by my peers as Council Vice President. I’m a staunch advocate for rent control, a progressive activist, and an environmentalist. Since taking office, I’ve helped present a forum on immigrant rights, installed new street safety signs, and written resolutions for action on tenant rights, homelessness, and discrimination. Last year I drafted a letter of support to the students & faculty at John Marshall High for their protest against gun violence and worked on Al Gore’s 24-Hour Climate Broadcast. If re-elected, I will continue to assert that Housing is a Human Right, pushing policies to keep rent reasonable and seeking progressive, compassionate solutions to homelessness. I’ll prioritize safe streets, access to public parks, making Los Feliz a leader in the fight against climate change, and directing grants towards local schools. For more info, go to or email me at






I am seeking the position of District D Rep to fight for climate & housing justice in Los Feliz. If elected, my priorities would be:
-Opening the Rowena Reservoir to the public.
-Fitting the Los Feliz Public Library with solar panels.
-Making Los Feliz more accessible to disabled individuals and non-car modes of transit, including public transit, bikes, & pedestrians.
-Expanding the LFNC’s advocacy for its unhoused stakeholders through the removal of hostile architecture.
Through my work with 2 LFNC committees, and the 3 resolutions I’ve authored that the LFNC Board unanimously passed, I have a clear idea of how the LFNC can effect positive change. Los Feliz is a beautiful neighborhood with a vibrant culture, and I believe in our values. I want the LFNC to proudly demonstrate those values to anyone who visits.

District E


As a 10-year resident and business owner in Los Feliz, I am asking for your consideration in my re-election to the Governing Board. I’m a joy-riding cyclist, and mom of a scooter rider. As an architect working in many Los Angeles neighborhoods to design equitable public spaces, I came to realize that I could easily be a part of getting things done in my own neighborhood. In June 2018, I was elected to the LFNC to fill a vacant spot, representing District E. I have been active in both the Transportation & Mobility Committee and the Public Works & Beautification Committee. I co-organized a Walkabout on Hyperion Boulevard to get to know my neighbors and hear their thoughts about safety, accessibility, and mobility. I hope to enable community members to have their voices heard, and achieve consensus on matters that are important to them. As an advocate for safer streets and better access to public spaces in the city, it would be my honor to continue serving Los Feliz.


It has been a pleasure to serve Los Feliz and District E since 2015, and I am looking and hoping to continue in my position as a District E Representative. I have lived in Los Feliz for eight years as a renter, and I am happy and fortunate to call the neighborhood home with my wife and one-year-old daughter. It is my goal to make this neighborhood an even more inclusive, safe, and fulfilling place for those who live, work, and learn here. In my time on the council I have been the chair of the Transportation & Mobility committee, a member of the Outreach and Public Works & Beautification committees, and the webmaster. I have been instrumental in the installation of more stop signs, speed humps, and crosswalks to make our streets safer for everyone, especially those children who attend school in the area. For more information, please visit


I’m running for neighborhood council because I want to increase pedestrian safety and create an environmentally sustainable neighborhood. I’m also passionate about making our neighborhood’s great assets even more accessible and enjoyable for the people who live and work here. I’m a UC Berkeley alum, I’ve worked as an analyst at a strategy consulting firm, and I currently work at a nonprofit focused on creating sustainable food systems. In order to accomplish my goals, I will:
• Work with the city to repair broken sidewalks and improve safety infrastructure on streets with speeding issues
• Install solar panels on the roofs of schools and our public library, create a community farm program, and install recycling/compost bins in the neighborhood
• Organize a monthly neighborhood cleanup program, install dog waste stations in popular dog-walking areas, and work to open Rowena Reservoir as a park
Thank you for reading my statement. I’d be honored to have your vote!






I serve on the Planning, Land Use and Management Committee and the Transportation Committee. My priorities are smart growth, increased walkability and keeping our streets safe.


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