What is the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council?

Since 2002, we are city government at the local Los Feliz level, here to give back, serve, and assist our neighbors with city services.

The Los Feliz Neighborhood Council advises on and influences City policy for delivering municipal services to Los Feliz, including police, fire, and public safety; parking and traffic; recreation and parks; land use, zoning, construction, and business permitting; education; public works projects; and other city-wide issues. The Board also decides whether, when, and where to fund initiatives it believes will benefit the neighborhood.

The LFNC is not a club, a non-profit corporation, a grassroots organization, or an association. We don’t collect dues or charge membership fees. The LFNC is a part of the City government, and its Governing Board is a publicly elected body that carries the full “consent of the governed.” By law, all of our meetings must be open to the public, and they are.

But the Governing Board isn’t the entire Neighborhood Council. There are 10 stakeholder committees, several ad-hoc committees, and a number of staff roles, all of which present available avenues for Los Felizians to get involved with the Council and support their neighborhood. Many, if not most, of the actions taken by the Governing Board initiate as discussions in committee meetings.

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